1) Payout with optimum play: 100.64%

2) Play 7/5: 7 coins for a Full-House, 5 coins for a Flush--full pay Jokers Wild.

3) Fifty-three card deck is played with one Joker.

4) Best version returns your money on either a pair of Kings or Aces.

5) Jokers Wild: it may seem similar to Jacks+,  but different strategies here.

6) Almost as volatile as Deuces Wild, because original  5 cards dealt are discarded more frequently than Jacks+. Strategies are very similar also.

7) Go for a Straight Flush when possible for the higher return with a wild card.

8) Break up 3 of a kind for any 4-card Straight Flush.

9) Don’t be timid about holding the Joker alone if no King/Ace dealt.

10) Hold a lower pair instead of trying for an inside Straight.

11) Although this is a wild card game, the pay for Straights has been reduced from 4 to 3.

12) Several other Jokers Wild versions are played with two, three or four Jokers.

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